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An interdisciplinary exhibition featuring natural history specimens, artist books and poems selected from an international call for entries.
06-08-2015 - 04-12-2015
University of Puget Sound Collins Memorial Library
The National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC), as a research and museology center, is preparing a temporary exhibition : 'Soil [...]
01-10-2015 - 30-03-2016
El president de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Joandomènec Ros, es complau a convidar-vos a la inauguració de l’exposició realitzada en motiu [...]
16-11-2015 - 19-12-2015
The 28th bi-Annual Conference of the Soil Science Society of East Africa and African celebration meeting of the International Year of Soil [...]
23-11-2015 - 27-11-2015
The role of potassium in balanced fertilization and its impact on crop productivity and quality is is gaining increasing attention [...]
24-11-2015 - 26-11-2015
Hawassa University, Hawassa
Tagung aus Anlass des 25-jährigen Bestehens des Bodenmonitorings
25-11-2015 - 26-11-2015
We plan to make the BSSS Annual Meeting in the International Year of Soils a special one! There is much to [...]
26-11-2015 - 26-11-2015
Royal College of Physicians, London
More information will be available soon...
26-11-2015 - 30-11-2015
Obiettivi: favorire le tecniche d'ingegneria naturalistica come miglior approccio alla manutenzione del territorio agricolo e delle reti stradali rurali. Destinatari:  sopratutto [...]
28-11-2015 - 28-11-2015
Fattoria Gioia, Cellino Attanasio (provincia di Teramo, Abruzzo )
he conference is planned as an interdisciplinary platform that should offer as much interaction among various subjects within microbial ecology [...]
29-11-2015 - 03-12-2015
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