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FAO in Somalia

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FAO is a specialized technical agency, working towards the alleviation of poverty and strengthening of livelihoods and food security and implements interventions in partnership with governments, national and international NGOs as well as other UN agencies.

Within the global FAO structure, FAO Somalia falls under the Emergency Operations and Rehabilitations Division (TCE). In Somalia, FAO has a lead role in the coordination and monitoring of humanitarian interventions in Somalia’s agriculture and livestock sectors in addition to collecting, analyzing and disseminating high quality up to date information on food security, nutrition and natural resources. The data are used by partners in formulating both long term and short term interventions. In addition, FAO is the designated lead of the emergency oriented Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Agriculture and Livelihood Cluster and is responsible for ensuring well coordinated and effective livelihood interventions.

FAO’s emergency interventions in Somalia aim at prevention, mitigation and response to natural disasters and the impact of conflict and currently are mainly concerned with increasing agricultural and livestock production, livelihoods enabling assets transfer and cash for work rehabilitation of rural productive infrastructure, where an important element of the approach involves the concept of building back better.

Longer term interventions focus on crops, livestock, fisheries, forestry and their interaction with the environment. Further, FAO gives guidance in drafting effective legislation and creating national strategies to achieve transitional development and alleviate hunger.