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Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II - Centre de formation en Mécanisation Agricole CFMA

Madinat Al Irfane, BP. 6202, 10112 Rabat
Phone number(s)
(00 212) 0537 68 19 49
Areas of expertise
Investigación y extensión agrícolas, Administración de explotaciones agropecuarias / sistemas de producción agropecuaria, Desarrollo rural y reforma agraria, Tecnología y mecanización agrícolas, Cultivos de cereales, Cultivo de frutas, Cultivos industriales, Ganadería (alimentación / mejoramiento), Ganadería, políticas y análisis del sector, Control del agua / Riego, Producción vegetal / protección vegetal
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies
  • Mandate: Capacity building of technicians and engineers in agricultural machinery for Morocco and West African countries.
  • Main activities: Design and implementation of training sessions adapted to the target trainees.
  • Competences:

Training in 4 modules :

- Use and maintenance of agricultural machinery,

- Test and evaluation of agricultural machinery

- Improvement of agricultural machinery

- Mechanization, lever for profitable and sustainable agriculture.

Summary of the activities during the last two years
  • 08-16.11.2014 : Workshop on “Training needs for African agriculture”
  • 24.01-22.02.2015 : Training “Mechanization, lever for profitable and sustainable agriculture”
  • Training to following countries : Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Congo Kinshasa, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Sénégal.
  • Collaboration with : JICA, ONUDI
  • Knowledge dissemination: monitoring sessions for extension agents that attended CFMA training, Publication of 9 extension guides (Who to conduct a training session for farmers) : tillage tools, seeders, potato planter, fertilizer spreader, etc.   
Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions
  • Legal status, in particular with the Government: Training Centre within IAV Hassan II which is a public institution.
  • Government arrangements:
Potential activities through SSC
  • Potential modalities: procedure well controlled
  • Potential activities: Training “Mechanization, lever for profitable and sustainable agriculture” 5-weeks-sessions for several countries or/and for one focused country 3 times a year maximum. Groups of 12 participants maximum.
Name and details of the head of the institution
Focal points
List of experts

Prof. El Houssain BAALI

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Energy Use in Agriculture


1999-Present : Professor in Energy and Agroequipment Department in IAV Hassan II.

Graduate Faculty Appointments :

-          Introduction to Agricultural Engineering (2cr), 1995 –

-          Thermic machines (3cr), 2000 –

-          Audit and optimisation of energy systems (2cr), 2009 –

-          Impact on Environment Studies (1cr), 2009 –

-          International Environment Law (2,5cr), 2012 –

-          Energy balances in agriculture (2,5 cr), 2012-

2007-Present : Heat of “Centre de Formation en Mécanisation Agricole”

Ph.D., Rural Engineering, Hassan II Agronomy & Veterinary Medicine Institute and CAU Kiel, Germany, June 1994. Dissertation: Mechanization of Potato production: technique, economic and energetic assassement. MEG 253. Advisor: Prof. Dr. Hermann J. HEEGE (Institut fuer Landwirtshaftliche Verfahrenstechnik, CAU Kiel, Deutschland).