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This PAIA will in the period 2002 - 2003 undertake following activities with corresponding outputs:

1. The development of spatial data standards and norms

Leading unit: SDRN (GIS-centre with links to the PAIA on standardisation on norms): would produce a manual and a set of guidelines related to GIS use.These would include:standardization of GIS file formats, base maps (mainly coastlines, lakes, rivers), and national and subnational boundaries and codes. Guidelines for spatial metadatabase standards etc...

2. The development of spatial networking

Leading unit SDRN (with all): development of GeoNetwork for intra- and internet accessability of spatial data and information. Maintenance of METART website.

3. The development of a metadatabase and a corporate gateway on spatial products

Leading units GI/GILW (with SD): this output would include the further development of corporate metadatabases, and mapping and GIS tools still under development. It would also define a corporate strategy for spatial data distribution.

4. Integration of various thematic maps and filling of spatial data gaps

  1. Spatial Database maintenance/update: Lead: All individual Technical departments concerned (FO,FI,SD, AG, ESS) .This concerns the maintenance and filling of gaps of the various spatial databases held by the technical departments and adapting them to GIS standards defined above.

  2. Support to applications using spatial data : Lead Technical department:ES This concerns outputs related to GIEWS, FIVIMS, and Agriculture towards 2015/30

  3. Development of a spatial Land use data base Leading unit : AGL (FO,SD,ES) this would include the development of a harmonized spatial database on sub national land-use statistics as well as approaches for the characterisation and subsequent classification of land use.

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