FAO in Sri Lanka


40 Years of FAO Representation in Sri Lanka

Recounting a journey of endurance and empowerment as FAO marks 40 years of permanent presence in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon became a member nation of FAO in 1948 and a fully-fledged representation was established in the country in 1979.

Bridging the gender gap in the agricultural and rural sector in Sri Lanka

Empowering and enabling men and women to participate more effectively in agriculture can not only lead to agricultural productivity, rural poverty reduction, enhanced nutritional standards but also translate into improved well-being for their families, thereby building human capital for future generations.

An innovation in fish-smoking improves lives

FAO with EU introduces the FTT-Thiaroye fish processing technique to rural communities in the Batticaloa district of Sri Lanka, for the first time in Asia.

Growing for assured markets

Facilitating Contract Farming Agreements for export-oriented agricultural production.

Supporting smallholder goat farmers in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka to increase productivity.

Increasing the productivity of smallholder dairy farmers in the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

Revival of a Fingerling Nursery in Parapankandal in Mannar, Northern Province, Sri Lanka.

Boosting inland fisheries in perennial tanks of Sri Lanka.