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About 842 million people – or one in eight of the people in the world – are undernourished. Of these people, 827 million are in developing countries

The most comprehensive time series of annual statistical data on primary forest products (production, trade) for all countries and territories of the world since 1947

This first edition provides a set of statistics on food and agriculture related to the current themes and domains of interest in the region.

Agri-Environmental Indicators (AEI) are key tools to monitor the environmental performance of agriculture, track trends in environmental impacts, and provide information to assess the effects of the integration of agri-environmental concerns into policy measures.

This FAO workshop brings together high-level staff of Ministries of Agriculture or Agricultural National Statistical Agencies and Bureaus responsible for national GHG reporting...

AFCAS brings together senior statistics officials from FAO member countries of the African continent, who are responsible for the development of agricultural statistics in their respective countries.

FAO’s forest products statistics present figures for the production and trade of forest products, covering 53 product categories, 21 product groups and 245 countries and territories.

Release of the 2014 version of the Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL). Harmonizes administrative units of all countries in the world and providing users with consistent codes and names.

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