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Since 1964, FAO has helped developing and transition countries invest in agriculture and rural development over the long term to improve the lives and livelihoods of their citizens, especially the rural poor. During this period, FAO has contributed to more than 2 300 investment projects in 170 countries, working with 30 international partners. To date, FAO’s work with international financing institutions has helped leverage investments valued at over USD 127 billion, which amounts to some USD 2.4 billion a year.

FAO provides a wide range of technical assistance and investment support. The majority of this work is carried out by the FAO Investment Centre, where the diversity of its 95 staff, including 20 in regional and subregional offices is one of its biggest assets. We have experts in economics, agricultural development, agronomy, crop and livestock development, climate change, natural resources management, forestry, irrigation and drainage, land and water development, land tenure, marketing, agribusiness and value chain development, monitoring and evaluation, rural sociology and other disciplines.

FAO’s reputation in investment is due to its responsiveness and flexibility in adapting to global trends and emerging priorities of countries and partner financing institutions, while maintaining its technical rigour and integrity. FAO continues to strengthen its expertise in new areas and to focus on producing results that contribute significantly to improving food and nutrition security, rural incomes and sustainability.


Publication: Celebrating the Investment Centre's 50-year milestone, FAO looks back on five decades of support to investment in agriculture and rural development. Featuring personal reminiscences and photos, this is a lively account of the Investment Centre’s evolution - from how it came to be, to what it is now and where it hopes to go in the future. It also reveals the shifting landscape of development practice.

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Video animation: FAO Investment Centre - 50 Years of Promoting Investment in Agriculture.