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August 2019
Author(s): FAO
FAO’s Investment Centre provides a wide range of investment support services to developing and transition countries. This second annual review shines a light on the work of the Investment Centre and its partners –the international financing institutions - carried out in 2018 to increase the volume and quality of investments in food security, nutrition, agriculture and rural development. During that...
August 2019
Author(s): FAO
Ambitious development agenda calls for extraordinary efforts – efforts that must be financed. Public funding through Official Development Assistance alone will never be enough. Now more than ever we need to mobilize private investment for development and explore innovative ways to make sure finances reach where they are needed most. Partnerships, solidarity and a willingness to come together across regions, countries...
July 2019
Author(s): Borgomeo, E ; Santos, N.
The Arab region needs a new generation of policies and investments in agricultural water. Agricultural water management has always posed challenges and opportunities in the Arab world. However, unprecedented and accelerating drivers such as climate change, population growth, and land degradation make agricultural water management a more urgent priority than ever before. This paper is part of an ongoing collaboration...
June 2019
Author(s): Swinnen, J., Sabre, R., Francescutti, D., et al.
Strategic investments in the agriculture sector are a catalyst for sustainable, economic growth and poverty reduction. Through their partnership, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have produced this comprehensive study on the State of Agriculture in the Caribbean, drawing upon decades of research on the many drivers of change affecting...
April 2019
Author(s): Ghonem, M.
The purpose of this study is to provide a better understanding of how cooperatives can contribute to the development of the agricultural sector and rural areas in Egypt and outline enabling policy changes and areas of investment. The primary audience is policy decision-makers, development partners and potential institutional investors in the agricultural sector in Egypt.     This study was undertaken within the...
April 2019
Author(s): El Harizi, K. ; Sparacino, C. ; Ben M’barek, S.
Cette étude arrive à un moment charnière dans l’évolution du secteur coopératif en Tunisie. Elle a été réalisée dans le cadre de la coopération entre l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’Alimentation et l’Agriculture (FAO) et la Banque Européenne pour la Reconstruction et le Développement (BERD) et fait partie d’un ensemble plus large d’activités visant à évaluer les opportunités et les...
April 2019
This study focused on assessing the statistical of spatio-temporal impacts on grain production areas in Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (RUK region). A calibrated and harmonized spatio-temporal database that integrated country agricultural production at sub-national level for wheat and maize crops (area harvested, yield, production, and area planted for the study area, with remote sensing and Earth Observation (EA) data...
March 2019
Author(s): Hollinger, F ; Gross, A.;
Crop receipts are a promising innovation in agricultural finance first developed in Brazil about 20 years ago and recently replicated in Eastern Europe. Crop Receipts allow farmers to obtain pre-harvest finance against a promise to produce a certain amount of crops, with their future farm production serving as main collateral. Taking inspiration from past successes, this study examines the scope...
December 2018
In order to effectively respond to the multiple challenges faced in irrigation development and management, improve irrigation investment efficiency and sustainability, the Investment Centre Division (TCI) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in cooperation with the World Bank and other internal and external partners, planned to formulate the Guidelines on Irrigation Investment Projects (hereinafter referred...
August 2018
Author(s): Pereira, L. D. ; Santos, N.
This study aims to provide a better understanding of how cooperatives can contribute to the development of the agriculture sector and rural areas in Morocco and what policy changes and areas of investment could be considered to better enable this. It is dedicated to policy decision-makers, development partners and potential institutional investors in the agriculture sector in Morocco. 
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