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Support to Investment

Sharing knowledge & learning

FAO is committed to sharing knowledge, best practices and lessons learned with member countries, investors, partners and development practitioners to improve investment in food and agriculture. Investment-related publications include policy guidelines, regional and country thematic papers and sector studies, as well as investment support tools and learning resources to improve the investment process.

As part of FAO's mission to improve data collection and dissemination, specialist data and statistical databases related to investment are available, such as FAOSTAT data on credit provided to the agriculture sector.

Capacity development is done by on-the-job investment training, peer learning through study tours and formal training on topics such as investment planning and design, monitoring and evaluation, social analysis and climate change. By partnering with research and learning institutions, FAO is able to multiply its capacity building efforts in investment support services to member countries.

FAO continues to promote innovation as well as the exchange of knowledge and experiences between and among countries and through regional knowledge networks, whose members include the international financing institutions (IFIs) and private entities active in agricultural and agribusiness investment: the EastAgri network serves the Eastern and Central European region; MedAgri serves the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean regions; and Agronoticias, an agri-news service, provides information for the Latin America and Caribbean region.

Since 2009, FAO has held Investment Days, an annual event that brings together colleagues and partners from around the world − from IFIs, the private sector and research institutes − to discuss global trends, challenges and opportunities in agricultural investment and FAO's role in meeting its members' investment needs.