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Sustainable Food and Agriculture


26 March 2017
There has been considerable discussion over the past thirty years on how to define “sustainable agriculture.” During most of this period, sustainability was exclusively considered an environmental issue and was...
20 January 2017
Agroecology is based on applying ecological concepts and principles to optimize interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment while taking into consideration the social aspects that need to be...
10 January 2017
FAO's work in Central Asia. Sustainable crop production intensification to ensure food security for a growing population.
04 January 2017
Cash transfer programmes – regular money payments to poor households - aim to reduce poverty, promote sustainable livelihoods and increase production in the developing world. During the past decade, an...
15 December 2016
The importance of machines and tools in sustainable agriculture Ensuring that agricultural and food production is sustainable is at the core of FAO’s work. Within this, sustainable mechanization plays an increasingly...
13 December 2016
In order to meet the world’s sustainable development goals of defeating hunger and poverty by 2030, governments and the private sector need to reenergize their agricultural science and technology research...

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