Alimentation et agriculture durables


26 February 2020
Progress and challenges  Spurred by an average 6.5 percent economic growth over the past decade, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress towards the achievement of the SDGs, by reducing poverty, which dropped...
21 February 2020
Natural Resources under threat  Colombia ranks among the 17 most biodiverse countries in the world, hosting approximately 15 percent of the endemic species of the planet. The natural resources of the...
20 February 2020
FAO to enhance data analysis, tools and guidance materials to support countries in their transition towards more productive and sustainable agriculture systems   The sustainable road to Zero Hunger With the 2030 Agenda...
13 February 2020
The Mediterranean diet is not only healthy for humans, but also for the environment and for biodiversity.
11 February 2020
Les villes grandissent et, avec elles, les possibilités d’en faire des espaces durables.
07 February 2020
« La numérisation est devenue un moteur important pour transformer les zones rurales et créer des opportunités pour les agriculteurs. Je remercie la Chine d'avoir rendu son plan national disponible...
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