Alimentation et agriculture durables


29 May 2017
More than 250 livestock experts from over 50 countries explored ways of...
15 May 2017
The toolkit is an integrated package of guidance on how to design, implement, monitor and evaluate nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture policies and programmes.
14 May 2017
FAO Director-General praises China’s support for South-South Cooperation
26 March 2017
There has been considerable discussion over the past thirty years on how to define “sustainable agriculture.” During most of this period, sustainability was exclusively considered an environmental issue and was...
20 January 2017
L'agroécologie consiste à appliquer des concepts et principes écologiques de manière à optimiser les interactions entre les végétaux, les animaux, les humains et l'environnement, sans oublier les aspects sociaux dont...
10 January 2017
FAO's work in Central Asia. Sustainable crop production intensification to ensure food security for a growing population.