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Célébrez le jour de la terre le 22 avril

22 April 2015

Le 22 avril, des personnes venant du monde entier se sont unies pour célébrer la Journée de la Terre. L'objectif était de mettre en lumière les défis environnementaux auxquels la Terre est confrontée.

On April 22, people from all corners of the world join hands to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, with the aim to honor Mother Nature and raise awareness of the environmental challenges she is facing.  Activities such as concerts and festivals are organized all over the planet to engage people in building a more sustainable world. More than one billion people in 192 countries are expected to participate in the celebrations, which is coordinated globally by the Earth Day network. FAO’s contribution to this year’s Earth Day was through the Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador, singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, who highlighted the importance of forests at the annual Concert for the Earth that took place in Villa Borghese, Rome, on April 19.

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