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Устойчивое производство продовольствия и ведение сельского хозяйства


27 February 2018
ФАО запустила глобальную платформу, выделив общие характеристики успешных полевых фермерских школ
24 January 2018
ФАО помогает сохранить устойчивость источников средств к существованию и сберечь леса Амазонии
29 November 2017
Revamped global database includes new indicators to assess the risk of extinction of breeds
03 November 2017
On most days, livestock owner Hamisa Mohammed Omar, knows that she will be able to feed her husband and five children only a meagre portion of rice for lunch, with...
04 October 2017
Kigali, Rwanda - In Rwanda, sustainable energy alternatives need to be identified. Bioenergy, energy sourced from biomass, could be considered as part of a renewable energy mix but which options...
06 September 2017
How can we strengthen innovation in agri-food systems in Latin America and the Caribbean?

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