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17 June 2016
17 June 2016
Each year, 17 June marks World Day to Combat Desertification. In most of the policy discussions surrounding the event, fisheries is absent from solutions being proposed to bolster the resilience...
17 June 2016
Launch event bringing the two organizations together to discuss innovative topics of common interest, with the aim of strengthening their partnership in designing, implementing and supervising of food security, agriculture...
16 June 2016
Forest and farm producer organizations are key players in meeting the world's growing demand for food and forest products, improving the lives of rural communities, and achieving the Sustainable Development...
16 June 2016
For any small-scale producer in ACP countries, being able to supply a big industry requires many conditions. These range from access to finance and technology, to the presence of other...
15 June 2016
Speaking on the BBC last week and addressing the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans spoke about new initiatives to manage migration in the Mediterranean region...