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08 June 2016
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have partnered with the Kenyan Government to support the Integration of Agriculture into the National Adaptation Plan...
06 June 2016
New proposals to change the lists of species protected under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) include four species of sharks, (silky...
02 June 2016
Climate change, population growth and social conflict have left many farmers and pastoralists in sub-Saharan Africa at near constant crisis conditions. Participatory climate resilience assessments can help farmer and pastoralist...
31 May 2016
"FAO is well aware that indigenous peoples are among the hardest hit by climate change because of the impact climatic variability has in their livelihoods and food security," said Mr....
27 May 2016
“全球土壤伙伴关系” 本周在粮农组织召开的全体会议上批准了一套可持续土壤管理自愿准则,这标志着为了让我们脚下的地球 - 全球粮食安全的基石 – 保持肥沃而采取协调行动方面又向前迈进了一步。
21 May 2016
蜜蜂为农业做出极为宝贵的贡献,是环境健康的风向标,无偿地提供和反映生物多样性。 “世界上如果没有传粉媒介便没有食物多样性 - 从长远来看,也就没有粮食安全,”粮农组织总干事若泽·格拉济阿诺·达席尔瓦今天在访问斯洛文尼亚时指出,此行的高潮将是周六举行的国家养蜂节。