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18 May 2016
16 May 2016
Today, it was announced that the Port State Measures Agreement has reached – and even surpassed – the twenty-five parties needed for the Agreement to enter into force as a...
06 May 2016
Rebuilding the fisheries sector in Somalia, following years of conflict, is crucial for strengthening food security and nutrition among the Somali population and generating employment in the sector. In Somalia...
05 May 2016
Due to its favourable environmental conditions and available water resources, the southern African nation of Angola has excellent potential for freshwater and marine aquaculture development. Most emphasis on fisheries in...
27 April 2016
2016年世界各地举办有关豆类的各种庆祝活动,因为它们营养丰富,适用于各种菜肴,经济实惠,并能促进土壤健康。 从维护粮食安全和营养到确保生物多样性和减缓气候变化的影响,豆类在可持续发展中发挥重要作用。其具体贡献简述如下
15 April 2016
Greater efficiency and sustainability in Tajikistan’s agriculture sector are the focus of a new cooperation agreement between FAO and the Government of Tajikistan. The FAO Country Programming Framework for Tajikistan,...