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01 March 2016
14 December 2015
肯尼亚的东非大裂谷茂森林保护区是该国五个集水区中的最大一个,同时它也是东非最大的郁闭林。肯尼亚的一些生态系统,包括马赛马拉国家保护区和邻国坦桑尼亚都依赖于来自该林区的水。 然而非法砍伐、规划不周的定居点以及2007/2008年选举后的暴力事件使森林资源状况恶化,威胁着生计、粮食安全、旅游业和供水。 对此,肯尼亚政府寻求粮农组织的技术援助,以帮助肯尼亚林务局改善集水区状况并促进可持续生计活动
10 December 2015
With rapid soil degradation, fast depletion of groundwater, excessive use of pesticides-fertilizers and extreme weather events all collectively putting stress on farming and forestry, it is time to recognise the...
08 October 2015
FAO's Strategic Objective 2 and The European Commission’s Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development are jointly organizing a side event entitled "Joining efforts on sustainable food and agriculture", Thursday...
04 September 2015
The future of forests largely depends on how other sectors, in particular agriculture, interact with them. To ensure its sustainability, forestry has no other option than finding ways to successfully...
05 June 2015
尽情发挥您的想象,为庆祝6月5日“世界环境日”献计献策。今年的主题是“七十亿人的梦想:一个星球,关爱型消费”。 Let your imagination flow and do something for the environment today, June 5, to celebrate the World Environment Day (WED). This year’s theme, “Seven Billion Dreams....