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15 May 2017
The toolkit is an integrated package of guidance on how to design, implement, monitor and evaluate nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture policies and programmes.
14 May 2017
FAO Director-General praises China’s support for South-South Cooperation
26 March 2017
There has been considerable discussion over the past thirty years on how to define “sustainable agriculture.” During most of this period, sustainability was exclusively considered an environmental issue and was...
20 January 2017
10 January 2017
FAO's work in Central Asia. Sustainable crop production intensification to ensure food security for a growing population.
04 January 2017
现金补助计划 - 向贫困家庭定期支付钱款 - 旨在减少贫困,促进可持续生计,扩大发展中国家的生产。在过去的十年间,非洲撒哈拉以南地区有越来越的国家政府推出了现金补助计划,主要针对最弱势群体,其中包括小农、残障人士和艾滋病患者,以及需要照顾老人和残疾人的家庭。