Sustainable Food Value Chains Knowledge Platform


This library is based on a careful selection process implemented by the platform's Editorial Board. The library includes FAO and non-FAO items in a variety of types forms and formats (documents, tools, case studies, data, audio/video, Web sites, learning material, etc.). Apart from geography and commodity items, all items in the library are carefully tagged according to their technical topics by the Editorial Team (not auto-tagging software). These topical tags reflect the unique SFVC vocabulary. The careful selection and extensive tagging of items is guided by suggestions, ratings and reviews from community members. This combination of elements makes the library an efficient, continuously improving tool, enabling policy-makers, project designers and practitioners to search and find the best and most relevant items related to the development of SFVCs.

There are three ways to search the library:

  • Structured Search: Use the library’s built-in structure to find references on the technical topics that interest you.
  • Keyword Search: Combine keywords according to your interest to find relevant references.
  • Full-text Search: Type in your search terms to find all the references containing these terms.

How to suggest a item to add to the library:

Simply send us the item (or an electronic link to it) by email ([email protected]), providing as much information about it as you can. Our editorial board will then consider it for inclusion.