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Business Training Manual - A Practical Guide for Training Microenterprises


This is a training manual for how to conduct a business training programme for Maasai tribes people ( Eastern Africa )  micro entrepreneurs, providing basic skills needed for starting up or improving a micro business, but can and has also been adapted and used  in other training settings and contexts.  This training manual builds on the belief that business, community and nature are interlinked. Economic growth in itself can no longer be seen as the answer. Instead it must be coupled with a broader understanding of the principles of sustainability and ecology. The intention of this manual is to provide background information and tips, as well as work as a field guide. The manual is divided into four main sections: Section 1: Background explains the ideas behind the training program, as provides general tips for how to conduct the training; Section 2: Timetable  provides the suggested ways to combine the modules into a three day training; Section 3: Modules  contains description of the individual modules for teaching, including the goal, preparations, games and activities, exercises, etc.; Section 4: Templates contains visual templates and tools for use during the training, ready to be copied or printed. The training materials within this manual are made suitable for illiterates by the use of drawings and stories.

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Personal author: Emil Tin
Publisher: LORIKA Foundation
Category: Field-based materials
Level suitability: Introductory
Type: Learning material
Format: Document
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