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Keeping Village Poultry - A Technical Manual on Small-Scale Poultry Production


The primary target groups of this manual are trainers and extension workers in the government and private sector, involved in smallholder poultry development at village level. A secondary target group is literate small-scale poultry farmers and local poultry workers. The manual will almost exclusively deal with improved free-range systems consisting of small flocks of 5- 50 local or cross-bred chickens. Improving poultry production includes several possible interventions, of which the most important are reflected in the titles of the six chapters of the manual: Chapter 1: Management; Chapter 2:  Housing; Chapter 3: Feeding; Chapter 4:  Disease and health management; Chapter 5: Marketing; Chapter 6:  Breed and animal selection. Each chapter provides background information and possible solutions to practical problems in everyday management of a small-scale poultry production under village conditions in developing countries.

Countries: Non-country specific
Commodities: Poultry meat in general
Topics: Production
Personal author: Jens Christian Riise, Anders Permin, Charlotte Vesterlund McAinsh, Lone Frederiksen
Publisher: Network for Smallholder Poultry Development
Category: Field-based materials
Level suitability: Intermediate, Advanced
Type: Learning material
Format: Document
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