Plateforme de Connaissances sur les Chaînes de Valeur Alimentaires Durables

Small Business Management Skills: A Community-Based Approach - Facilitator’s Guide


This training manual is aimed for training those already doing group or individual businesses and those who are starting a new business. It is not focused only on the food and agricultural business sector, but looks at the wider arrays of business that can be present at community level. However the manual has been adapted and used successfully in training programmes and courses devoted only to the agricultural and food business sector.  The main objective of this manual is to facilitate the participants to learn by doing. This is achieved through various activities that lead them to discover by themselves. The role of the facilitator is therefore to guide the class through the process of self -learning. The climax of the training is the business simulation. Simulation gives the participants an opportunity to exercise and apply the skills learnt in a business like situation. For maximum benefit, simulation is done twice during the training. This is meant to give participants a chance to improve and correct mistakes done during the first simulation. The main output of this training is for the participants to be able to come up with their own simple business plans which they can present to a financial institution.

Pays: Kenya, Non-country specific
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Auteur (personne): Paul Gachie, Wario Chege
Éditeur: CARE Kenya
Catégorie: Field-based materials
Niveau: Introductory
Type: Learning material
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