Plateforme de Connaissances sur les Chaînes de Valeur Alimentaires Durables

Basic Beekeeping - Manual 1


This field manual is designed for use by field-based trainers in sub-Saharan Africa. It is based on colour pictures with few words. The manual covers basic techniques needed to start a beekeeping business. It also offers some new ideas to help beekeepers to become independent by making their own equipment from local materials. The pictures show some of the many different ways that people keep bees. This is intended to promote discussion and shared experiences to help people to solve problems locally. The manual concentrates on top bar hive beekeeping but many of the techniques and ideas can also be used by traditional and frame hive beekeepers. It is expected that trainers will be able to translate the ideas into local languages.

Pays: Non-country specific
Produits: Honey, Other bee products
Thèmes: Gender equity, Inclusion of the poor, Vulnerable groups, Community development
Auteur (personne): Pam Gregory
Éditeur: The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA)
Catégorie: Field-based materials
Niveau: Introductory
Type: Learning material
Format: Document
Références: EN