Plateforme de Connaissances sur les Chaînes de Valeur Alimentaires Durables

ValueLinks Training


ValueLinks is an action-oriented approach promoting economic development with a value chain perspective. It provides essential know-how on ways to enhance employment and the income of micro, small- and medium-sized enterprises and farmers by promoting the value chains they are operating in.

ValueLinks has been developed at GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) building on the experience in rural economic development and private sector promotion.

Value Links is structured into 11 modules, covering the design of projects and the selection of VCs, methods for VC analysis and strategy formulation, solutions for upgrading in different fields and tools for facilitation and monitoring.

Pays: Non-country specific
Produits: Non-Commodity specific
Thèmes: SFVC development in general
Organisation auteur: International ValueLinks Association e.V.
Éditeur: International ValueLinks Association e.V.
Catégorie: Field-based materials
Niveau: Advanced, Intermediate, Introductory
Références: EN
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