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A study of rapid hydrological appraisal in the Krueng Peusangan Watershed, NAD, Sumatra

Author(s) Khasanah, K. et al.
Year of publication 2010
The objectives of the Rapid Hydrological appraisal are to assess the hydrological situation from the perspective of multiple stakeholders: local ecological knowledge (LEK), public/policymakers ecological knowledge (PEK), and hydrologist/modeler ecological knowledge (MEK). Further, the recommendation from the application of RHA is to design a realistic approach in designing a reward for watershed services scheme. To accomplish the objective of the study, the RHA method was implemented through the survey and gathering of data which lead to the analyses of the consequences of current land cover change. This study gave basic understanding in designing rewards for environmental service schemes (RES) in the Krueng Peusangan watershed. It proved that modification of parts of the watershed to forest and/or complex mixed system can enhance water balance of the watershed. It was also found out that the local knowledge in this area could contribute greatly to the tree selection and solution to watershed problem, such as simple constructions to retain collapse riverbank. Therefore, recognition of such knowledge will become an important element in the RES design.
Type of Case
Printed publication (book, sourcebook, journal article…)
World Agroforestry Centre
Asia Pacific
Forest Type
All forest types (natural and planted)
Primary Designated Function
Protection of soil and water