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Domestication and husbandry of the paca (Agouti paca)

Author(s) Smythe, N. & Brown de guanti, O.
Year of publication 1995
The present document describes methods and techniques to domesticate and breed the Paca – Agouti paca – a wild animal of the dense Latin American woods. In this book it is shown how, changing the original behaviour during the initial stages of their life - the Paca becomes a social animal, losing its aggressive behaviour. Living in groups rather than couples, also increases the reproductive rate, making the farming a profitable activity. The management of the Paca in captivity is an interesting development due to its appreciated meat. More over this brings to a reduction of hunting pressure on wild populations. This book is only available in Spanish.
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Printed publication (book, sourcebook, journal article…)
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All forest types (natural and planted)
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Multiple use