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Forest management and conservation agriculture - Experiences of smallholder farmers in the Eastern Region of Paraguay

Author(s) Borsy, P., Gadea,R. & Vera Sosa, E.
Year of publication 2013
This publication is a summary of the experiences lived during the seven years (2003-2010) of implementation of the Sustainable Natural Resource Management Project (PMRN), managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) and supported by German Technical and Financial Cooperation (GIZ and KfW). The PMRN operated in seven Departments in the Eastern Region of Paraguay, attending some 17 000 smallholder families in aspects related to the recuperation and management of degraded soils and the production and management of forestry systems. The Project was implemented under various modalities of technical assistance, described in this document, which determined the success of the execution of the measures being promoted, both in the activities related to soil as well as forestry. The implementation of this Project and the active participation of the technicians in their day-to-day contact with the farmers, contributed to the confirmation of the obsolescence of the actual production systems. The introduction of Conservation Agriculture as a production concept for the smallholder farmer, changed to a large extent the dynamic of the farms attended.
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