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A case provides information on a particular instance of SFM application. This section includes all the cases available in the SFM Toolbox, they can be in form of publications, videos, audios, websites, etc.

You can browse the Cases through keywords in the free search box or you can narrow the search using the filters on the right side of the page.

This document analyses current and potential woodfuel utilization and its contribution to climate change in Brazil, Mexico and India. Current woodfuel consumption and supply are examined in terms of end-use sectors and sources. Potential production is assessed, and the role of forests and woodfuels in GHG emissions is analysed, as...
In 1996, the Government of Guyana passed national legislation (the Iwokrama Act) establishing the Iwokrama International Centre (IIC) for forest research and development and giving it responsibility for the management of the Iwokrama Forest, a 370 000 hectare forest area in the heart of Guyana. The Centre’s major goal is...
Duncan McCue explains how the Martu people of Australia have long used controlled burns to help with hunting, a practice that also helps the environment. This story was produced with the support of the Bill Lane Centre for American West.
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