Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox

Silviculture and Management of Planted Forests

Welcome to the Silviculture and Management of Planted Forests Module, which is targeted at stakeholders involved in the management of planted forests. The module provides specific information on good practices for the establishment and management of planted forests, from site selection and seed collection through to the planting of sites and their subsequent management.

The module also provides links to planted forest tools and case studies of effective management of planted forests.

This module was developed with the kind collaboration of the following people and/or institutions:

Initiator(s): Walter Kollert - FAO, Forestry Department

Contributor(s): Cesar Sabogal - FAO, Forestry Department

Reviewer(s): ITTO

This module was revised in 2017 to strengthen gender considerations.

Initiator(s): Gender Team in Forestry

Reviewer(s): Walter Kollert