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Launch of the SFM eLearning pathway

Photo by Annie Spratt

The SFM Toolbox now features an eLearning pathway to facilitate access to a variety of online training courses on globally relevant and timely topics in forestry.  

SFM Toolbox background and user surveys

The SFM Toolbox aims to fill a continuing gap in capacity which limits the implementation of sustainable forest management in many countries. By providing thematic modules, tools and case studies, the Toolbox brings together knowledge in a comprehensive and accessible way. 

Launched in 2014 in direct response to countries’ demands for further technical support, the Toolbox has since undertaken two comprehensive user and needs assessments to ensure it stays up to date and remains the prime gateway to knowledge and learning products related to sustainable forestry. 

Key results of user surveys, impetus for improvement 

The 2017 and 2018 consultations revealed some key recommendations to move the Toolbox forward, and ensure it best serves its users. Some key development opportunities focused on improving the Toolbox diffusion, usability and accessibility. Further, young foresters identified a key need to improve the learning pathways through the Toolbox, allowing for course accreditation and expanding the scope of thematic focus to include workplace skills critical for professional development. 

eLearning pathways

The eLearning pathway now featured on the SFM Toolbox is a gateway to the latest eLearning courses, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and self-paced courses, and focuses on key, globally relevant topics related to Toolbox thematic areas.  The pathway is also linked to FAO’s new eLearning Academy, which contains a myriad of freely accessible, interactive and engaging courses in multiple languages to support capacity building and awareness raising. The courses are easily used online but also feature a download option, allowing for offline learning, enhanced reach and accessibility.   

Key courses and features 

The eLearning pathways connect Toolbox users to courses focused on globally relevant and timely topics in forestry and natural resource management. The eLearning Academy also features courses of a broader scope, to include critical workplace skills. A new feature of the Academy is user accreditation, through the Academy’s Digital Badge Certification system.  It verifies the completion of learning outcomes, effectively rewarding user efforts for professional development, employment, education and commitment to lifelong learning. 


(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)