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Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox

Tool Details

Community-based tree and forest product enterprises: Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) - The field facilitator guidelines for the implementation of the MA&D approach. 5 Modules

Year of publication 2011
These guidelines have been drawn from several years of experience gained through the implementation of MA&D projects in many countries. They are general guidelines that will need to be adapted to the local context and needs of the communities involved. This means that the tools proposed in these FFG should also be adapted, and that the time required for using various tools will likely greatly vary according to the project context, the approach (a truly participative approach is time consuming) and the number of people involved in the project. Finally, it must be clearly understood that the role of the facilitator is to empower entrepreneurs, ensuring that they are the ones to implement the enterprise development activities. The role of the facilitator is not to conduct the MA&D process alone or for the entrepreneurs. These Field Facilitator Guidelines differ from the manual in the sense that the manual is targeted at decision-makers and provides an overview of the MA&D process, while the FFG has been conceived for field facilitators and provides a very detailed, step-by-step approach for implementation with rural communities. Facilitators will generally not need to use the manual since the information they require is covered in the FFG.
Type of Tool
Guidelines, manual, kits for trainers
Scale of Application
Forest Management Unit
Forest Type
All forest types (natural and planted)
Primary Designated Function
Management Responsibility
Private sector (medium/large scale), Community/Smallholders, Other (NGO, CSO, education/research institution, etc.)