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Farmer's tree planting manual. A practical guide from seed to tree

Year of publication 2003
In Cambodia, the forest is the bloodline of the agricultural sector, the life of farmers and the source of the national economy. At present, however, this resource is suffering severe depletion. The national forest policy encourages forest rehabilitation throughout the country. For this, tree planting is an important activity and calls for the involvement of citizens, particularly rural people, who, in turn, require additional tree planting techniques. The Farmers' Tree Planting Manual was produced to respond to the needs of farmers for knowledge of tree planting techniques. It has been prepared with the aim to disseminate tree planting techniques to ease the work of local extension workers, and to aid people who are really interested in tree planting, including farmers, the private sector, schools, pagodas, and the armed forces. The planting techniques available in this compilation have been extracted from a number of national and international technical documents, as well as from technical officials who have experience in tree planting and community liaison. The techniques have been integrated and synthesized as a set, which is appropriate and practical for the situation in Cambodia. Great effort was made to keep the manual appropriate, for mainly illiterate farmers, by using short texts along with pictures, to describe each activity and to explain each technique.
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Directives. manuel, trousses pour les formateurs
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Forest Management Unit
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Degraded forest
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