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Main areas of work

The emphasis is always on practical projects that reduce poverty and fight hunger and bring concrete benefits for the people and communities participating in them. FAO/DCP projects can cover many disciplines.

At present the focus is on:

  • better access to water for domestic use, livestock and small-scale irrigation, using locally available technologies;
  • improvement of crop productivity in an environmentally sustainable manner;
  • support to food production and distribution in urban and peri-urban areas;
  • promotion of farmers' associations and cooperatives
  • enhancement of non-farm income-generating activities, such as apiculture and food processing
  • promotion of exchanges among universities, training centres and research institutions in developed and developing countries;
  • training and capacity building of local administrations ;
  • Development of programmes to benefit communities of immigrants in their countries of origin.

Participants of a project to improve rice production and water management discuss techniques as part of the cooperation between Montreuil in France and Yelimané in Mali. [more]

It is important that all members of the community become involved as in this project in Kigali. [more]

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