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What is the role of FAO in decentralized cooperation projects?
FAO provides technical assistance for the development of projects within member countries. FAO country offices facilitate management and coordination with other activities maximizing the impact of each project. In particular, field projects with the participation of the Italian local authorities are usually co-financed by FAO through a Trust Fund established by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Apart from local authorities, can other partners participate in DCP projects?
Certainly. While FAO's approach to decentralized cooperation focuses on local governments, participation in projects by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector, universities and other organizations is also promoted.

What is the process behind Decentralized Cooperation?
From the start of the project, FAO works closely with local governments and beneficiaries to ensure that project proposals are not only technically viable but really serve the needs of local communities and meet the objectives and criteria of local authorities.


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