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The Government of Italy

The Italian Government has taken a decisive lead in promoting the participation of Italy's local governments in FAO field projects within the framework of world food security. In September 2002, FAO and the Director General for Development Cooperation (DGCS) at the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE) signed an agreement establishing the Italy-FAO Decentralized Cooperation Programme (IFDCP). The agreement aims to mobilize the social, human and financial resources of Italian regions, provinces and municipalities in order to support global efforts to promote access to safe and nutritious food for poor people.

The Government of France

Supported by the French government, a pilot programme was launched in 2003 to explore ways of partnering between FAO and local authorities. A number of initiatives are currently underway with some French municipalities and regions on a broad range of issues. In 1992, the French Government passed legislation to facilitate decentralized cooperation. This law allows French local authorities to sign agreements with counterparts in foreign countries, provided these agreements are in line with central government policy. This law also established the 'Commission Nationale de la Coopération Décentralisée' (CNCD) which acts as space for dialogue between local authorities and central government and aims to improve the coordination of international activities which are being developed by the various regions. Local authorities can also sign agreements with international organizations if the purpose of the agreement is related to decentralized cooperation activities.

The Government of Spain

In January 2004, the Director-General of FAO signed a framework agreement with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs to promote collaboration with, "the Spanish Administration as a whole including autonomous states, provincial and local entities".

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