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Immigrants helping their communities of origin

The Yelimané area lies in the northwest of Mali. Although the area is potentially rich, there is a high incidence of poverty. Over the years, many of the villagers have migrated out of the country in search of better wages and living conditions.

A group of Yelimané immigrants who live in the French city of Montreuil (Paris area) have been assisting their rural communities of origin to improve soil conservation, water management, health and education. With the support of the City of Montreuil, this cooperation has been very successful. To expand such cooperation, the City of Montreuil linked up with the Hai Duong province in Vietnam, which has considerable know-how in agriculture.

This Vietnamese province agreed to help with Yelimané's development, particularly in rice production and water management. FAO was also approached, in view of its expertise in agriculture and "South-South" cooperation. In 2003, a team representing the different partners involved designed a project to address a number of issues pointed out by the communities and to improve their access to food.

Participants of a project to improve rice production and water management discuss techniques as part of the cooperation between Montreuil in France and Yelimané in Mali.

A Vietnamese expert on rice production talks with villagers in Yelimané

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