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The Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture Project was the first project in FAO's Decentralized Cooperation Programme to become operational in January 2004. The main objective is to improve the food security situation in rural and urban areas of the Kigali Municipality. Activities focus on four sectors: water and soil management, horticulture, livestock and agro-forestry.

The Mayor of Kigali has emphasized the importance of achieving tangible results. Specifically, the project is striving to:
  • involve communities in the management of 500 wetland areas and 1 150 watersheds;
  • set up 230 local associations on rehabilitated wetlands and 36 in hill areas;
  • establish at least 40 micro-gardens, with some of them located in schools for training purposes;
  • and, create 96 animal breeder associations and 26 forest worker associations.

In addition, rainwater harvesting and water management will provide communities with access to clean water during the dry season.

Reclamation and rehabilitation of wetlands for agricultural production are key factors in the urban and periurban area of Kigali

It is important that all members of the community become involved

Farmers rely on rain fed agriculture although alternative methods are essential to enhance crop productivity and availability of water for domestic use

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