Associate Professional Officers

Why sponsor an APO?

By funding an APO, donors invest in the skills of a junior professional, grooming them for a future in international development. Many former APOs go on to make significant contributions to their own countries as well as to the developing world.

By supporting an APO, donors invest in FAO's programmes. As the APOs complete their assignment and advance in their careers, they extend the reach of donors’ investment beyond FAO. 

An APO’s future career prospects are greatly enhanced by the technical and international experience of working at FAO. A Statistical overview of the Programme for the period 2001- 2003 has shown that at the completion of the assignment:

  • Over 64 percent of APOs enter full time employment within a month of finishing;
  • After seven months almost 100 percent are employed;
  • Almost half of finishing APOs go on to find work within the UN system of other international organizations;
  • 19.1 percent find employment in the public sector;
  • 12.5 percent find employment in the private sector; and
  • 8 percent go to work with Non-Governmental Organizations.

The APO Programme is funded under Trust Fund arrangements between FAO and the donor. To formalize the partnership, a framework agreement is concluded between FAO and the sponsoring government/institution.



“Getting a foot into FAO through the APO programme was the dream of my life.” Fernanda Guerrieri, former former Italian APO.

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