Associate Professional Officers

Results of the APO Survey

10 November 2008

A survey conducted by the APO Programme Unit in April-May 2008 has revealed a high level of satisfaction with the programme amongst all stakeholders including the APOs themselves, supervisors and donors.More than half of APOs on duty in 2008 participated in this survey including 12 respondents from the Decentralized Offices and 18 stationed at FAO headquarters in Rome. Respondents were interviewed over the phone using a standard questionnaire.

The strong majority of APOs (86 percent) expressed overall satisfaction with the programme and 80 percent described the application process as “competitive" or very "competitive”.

The survey also showed the major motivation for APOs to join the programme is the nature of their chosen assignment. This is also the principle reason why, according to the survey, APOs choose FAO’s programme over other opportunities. The opportunity to work for the United Nations is also a strong motivator, albeit secondary to the job itself. As such, it is clear APOs join FAO for the most professional of reasons: to deepen their skills and further the UN mandate. Other key findings included:

  • The majority of supervisors consider their APO charges to have relevant skills and qualification as well as a high level of interest in development work.
  • The majority of Donors are "satisfied" or “very satisfied” with the APOs they have funded.
  • Before applying to a specific post, respondents overwhelmingly felt that information on the APO Programme was easy to find.
  • The majority of APOs were satisfied with their formal training experiences.