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Basic Criteria
A nominee must have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the country or countries to which he or she was assigned, in particular in the fields of sustainable agricultural and rural development or food security. This contribution must be clearly identifiable and may take the form of technical innovations in agriculture, fisheries or forestry; institutional or administrative improvements; discoveries of new resources as a result of research, surveys or other investigations; establishment of training and research institutions; or achievements in any of the many other tasks assigned to FAO personnel. The activities in which previous recipients of the Awards were engaged are shown in the Award winners page.

B.R. Sen Award Screening Committee
An ad hoc inter-departmental Screening Committee chaired by the Deputy Director-General (Operations) and comprising the Assistant Directors-General of the headquarters' departments as well as the Legal Counsel, the Directors of OSD, TCS, and the Chief, TCDM as Secretary, will review the list of nominations submitted to it by the Award Secretariat, and establish a shortlist of three nominations for each award. The Chairperson of the Screening Committee will submit the shortlist to the Chairperson of the B.R. Sen Award Selection Committee.

B.R. Sen Award Selection Committee
The Committee, chaired by the Director-General, and comprising the Independent Chairperson of the Council and the Chairpersons of the Programme and Finance Committees, will make a final decision on the basis of the shortlist submitted by the inter-departmental Screening Committee.

Screening and selection of Award Winners
The screening of nominees, and ultimately of winners, will take into account the recommendations and endorsements of the senior officers concerned (FAO Representatives or UNDP Resident Representatives in those countries without an FAO Representative), the Assistant Director-General of Technical Cooperation Department, the Regional Representatives, Subregional Coordinators and Directors of Liaison Offices and, in particular, the Assistant Directors-General of the technical departments at headquarters.

The B.R. Sen Secretariat will ensure, through the FAO Representatives or UNDP Resident Representatives concerned, that the views of the governments of the countries where the nominees are serving, or have served have been obtained and that their nomination is supported.

Submission of Nominations
Nominations must be submitted no later than 31 December 2010 by FAO professional staff, national institutions or counterparts to FAO Representatives concerned or UNDP Resident Representatives in those countries without an FAO Representative, for his/her endorsement and submission to the Secretary, B.R. Sen Award, who will then obtain the other necessary endorsements prior to the meeting of the Screening Committee. These will include the endorsements of the relevant Regional Representatives, Subregional Coordinator, Directors of Liaison Offices and Assistant Director-General of the technical department in charge of the expert's technical backstopping and support. Nominations may also be submitted directly to the technical departments or to the Secretary, B.R. Sen Award. Submissions must be made on the specific electronic nomination form which is available on this Web site, or from the Award Secretary. (Nominations submitted without this form will not be considered.)

Final Selection
One Award, which may be shared is conferred for each calendar year. The Director-General will select the Award winner for the year, jointly with the Independent Chairperson of the Council, the Chairperson of the Programme Committee and the Chairperson of the Finance Committee.

Conferment of Awards
The Award for 2010 will be presented during a special ceremony, at the beginning of the Thirty-seventh Session of the FAO Conference, 25 June-2 July 2011.

For more information, please contact:

Ms M. Dowlatchahi
Chief, TCDM
Secretary of the B. R. Sen Award
Tel. +39 06 57052976
Email: TC-BR-SEN-AWARD@fao.org


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