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Technical Cooperation and Programme Management Department (TC)

The Technical Cooperation and Management Programme Department (TC) supports the achievement of results under FAO’s Strategic Framework by:

  • coordinating FAO’s five strategic objective programmes to ensure an efficient and effective delivery of FAO’s work in collaboration with all stakeholders;
  • mobilizing resources and promoting South-South Cooperation;
  • preparing for and responding to food and agricultural threats and crises;
  • helping countries increase investment in agriculture and rural development; and
  • ensuring that the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) supports member countries’ priorities.


Emergency and Rehabilitation Division (TCE)

Leads FAO’s humanitarian efforts in supporting countries to prepare for and respond more effectively to food and agricultural threats and crises, and to strengthen the resilience of agricultural livelihoods.

Contact: Mr Dominique Burgeon

Investment Centre Division (TCI)

Helps countries invest more and better in agriculture and rural development to increase agricultural productivity, improve rural livelihoods and incomes, enhance nutrition and safeguard the natural environment.

Contact: TCI-Director

South-South Cooperation and Resource Mobilization Division (TCS)

Leads and coordinates FAO’s work in South-South Cooperation (SSC), resource mobilization and resource partner outreach, and supports project cycle management and operations.

Contact: Mr Alex Jones

Technical Cooperation Programme Management (TCD)

Ensures that the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) facilitates member countries’access to the Organization’s knowledge and technical expertise using FAO's own resources. TCP responds to countries' identified priority needs through projects designed to produce tangible results in a cost effective manner and catalyse development changes.

Contact: Ms Christine Chaperon

Coordination of Strategic Objective Programmes

Ensures oversight and coordinates implementation of FAO's Strategic Programmes’ implementation to enhance the delivery of FAO’s Programme of Work at country, regional and global levels.

The Assistant Director-General, TC, leads these efforts facilitating greater coordination and linkages between the Strategic Programmes, regions, subregions and country offices as well as with South-South Cooperation, resource mobilization, investment and emergency preparedness and response. The overall aim is to strengthen support, particularly at country level and accelerate delivery of results with maximum synergy across strategic objectives.

Each Strategic Programme is managed by a Strategic Programme Leader, with the support of a small team, and focuses on meeting countries’ needs and achieving the results within the programme; FAO’s technical departments ensure the technical excellence of the programmes, while the decentralized offices drive the delivery at regional and country level.

Contact: Mr Laurent Thomas