Philip holds a Master’s degree in International Economic Policy from the Paris School of International Affairs of Sciences Po, and received a B.A. in International Relations from the European Campus of Sciences Po Paris in Nancy. He specializes in capacity building and socio-economic impact assessment of agricultural development projects. Prior to joining FAO, he worked as Economist at the Secretaría del Medio Ambiente de la Ciudad de México (Ministry of Environment of Mexico City). In this position, he published a socio-economic prioritisation analysis for Mexico City’s main climate actions as part of the city’s new Climate Action Plan (CAP1.5°C). 


Laure has completed a Master degree of European and International Studies in ESPOL at the Catholic University of Lille, specializing in Food Policies, and where the focus of her thesis was the concept of sustainable development in the Common Agricultural Policy. She has worked on the development of the MRV Biodiversity (2019) module, and is now supporting the EX-ACT team with climate mitigation, resilience and socio-economic analyses for projects related to sustainable agriculture and food value chains.


Isaac holds an Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management from the Central European University, Hungary; and Lund University, Sweden. His master thesis focused on urban food systems and the enhancement of adaptive capacities to increase food security in Guatemala City. Prior to joining the EPIC team he was Project Manager in Mexico City’s Ministry of Environment.  

Katherine JONES

Kate holds a Master’s of Science degree in Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics from the University of Guelph in Canada. Her thesis focused on environmental attitudes and perceptions of farmers and their adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices, specifically genomic technologies. Before joining the EX-ACT team, Kate worked as an economist for Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. Her research interests encompass both behavioural economics and environmental economics, with a focus on climate change mitigation and adaption options. Kate currently serves as a board member for the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society. 

Jihae KWON

Jihae holds a Master’s degree in International Development from Seoul National University, and received a B.A. in International Development and a B.A. in Food and Resource Economics from Korea University. She specializes in measurement and quantitative impact assessment of agricultural development projects. Prior to joining FAO, she worked for the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency of Korea and worked in Bolivia as a researcher with the Korean Rural Development Administration (RDA). She also has working experience with the Korean Office for Government Policy Coordination, Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI) Forestry Department, and the U.S. Embassy Seoul Economics Department.

Lorenzo Maestripieri

Miquel Saludas

EX-ACT unit coordinator 

With a Ph.D in Environment, Laure-Sophie was hired in 2014 as a consultant to co-lead the technical development of the blue carbon, fishery and aquaculture modules. Since then she conducts GHG accounting on projects, programmes and policies in the AFOLU sector and for various stakeholders (IFAD, WB, GEF, GCF, GEF, FMO, AFD among others). She also participates and carries out EX-ACT training, and contributes to the development of the EX-ACT suite of tools. She is coordinating the activities and team within the unit. 


Agricultural Policy Support Officer - FAO Regional Office for Africa

Louis is the originator of the EX-ACT design and he is now based in Accra . He carries out the technical supervision, the orientation of the development and the dissemination of the tool, looking for new partnerships and collaboration to encourage a broader use of the tool in project and policy appraisals. He also organizes and participates in EX-ACT trainings and workshops.

EX-ACT Expert Network

Natural Resources Officer - Climate and Environment Division, FAO

As a soil scientist and expert, he was hired by FAO as a consultant to develop the tool in 2009-2010. His main fields of expertise are the evaluation of the soils' role in forest and agricultural ecosystems, in the global climate change context and in carbon sequestration. 

Past members

Giacomo Branca

Vincent Colomb

Irina Comte

Orane Debrune

Erica Doro

Uwe Grewer

Agnes Lachaise 

Anatoli Poultouchidou

Rocio Sanz Cortes

Pierre Luc Sutter

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Ophelie Touchemoulin

Viviane Umulisa

Laura Vian




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