EX-ACT applications


Numerous case studies have been developed treating investment projects or programmes. The cases are useful for persons who wish to improve their skills on:

  • The manner to appraise climate mitigation potential impact of future programmes / projects and,
  • How to integrate the results into deeper analysis.

Furthermore, the cases illustrate the practical applications of the EX-ACT tool.

The current map locates the different countries in which carbon balance appraisals have been carried out on various agriculture, forestry and land use (AFOLU) projects/programmes/value chains/policies. Other additional countries received EX-ACT presentations and trainings.


The main objective of this module is to show the results issued from a real case project (although simplified), starting with raw data. The tool can also be used for training purposes even though there is no possibility to organize field visits to gather data for a practical application of the EX-ACT tool.

Target audience

EX-ACT targets practitioners in formulation and analysis of investment projects, working in public administration, NGOs, professional organizations or consulting firms. Academics can also find this material useful to support their courses in Carbon Balance Analysis and development economics. Furthermore, students may use this material to improve their skills on climate change mitigation.