Forest Protection and Reforestation Project

The Forest Protection and Reforestation Project aims at the development of cost effective and sustainable environmental rehabilitation and management of forest lands and associated rangelands, with a focus on the Irtysh pine forest, the dry Aral Seabed, and saxaul rangelands. The project did address a range of forestry sector issues, as e.g. 1. Reforestation activities and the purchase of fire management equipment in the Irtysh Pine Forest; 2. Amelioration of the Dry Aral Seabed; and 3. Capacity building of the national forestry institutions.

Besides the project includes activities on forest rehabilitation, strengthening of participatory forest management, rehabilitation and protection of the vegetative cover on non-forest lands, rangeland management, and support to tree nurseries.

The EX-ACT analysis provides an ex-ante appraisal of the project impacts on the carbon balance.


Forest Protection and Reforestation Project: