Cashew in Burkina Faso

Cashew nuts mitigation potential in Burkina Faso

The cashew tree disposes of a great potential to combat erosion and desertification. It equally presents economic opportunities for rural smallholders. The cashew kernel value chain in Burkina Faso is presently under development and supported by several institutions.

The realized study highlights the impacts of the value chain in Burkina Faso with regards to climate change mitigation.

It mainly reflects the carbon track of cashew kernels produced and processed (hand made as well as processed in small units) in Burkina Faso 2009. It makes a comparison between Burkinabe cashew nuts processed in Burkina Faso and the ones exported to India. Conclusively, some projections for the five upcoming years were assumed regarding the carbon balance of the value chain.


Cashew nuts value chain