EX-ACT team & contact

Agricultural Policy Support Officer
Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO

He is at the same time the team leader and the originator of the EX-ACT design. He carries out the technical supervision, the orientation of the development and the dissemination of the tool, looking for new partnerships and collaboration to encourage a broader use of the tool in project and policy appraisals. He also organizes and participates in EX-ACT trainings and workshops.

EX-ACT Senior consultant 
Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO

With a Ph.D on the carbon cycle in coastal waters she co-leads the technical development of new EX-ACT modules and guidelines on the blue carbon, fishery and aquaculture sectors. She conducts EX-ACT assessments for on coastal zone management (IFAD, WB, TCI), peatland restoration (BRG), the fishery sector and mangrove aquaculture (IFAD, FAO) and work desk appraisals for GEF, GCF, WB. She also participates and carries out EX-ACT training, and contributes to the development of the EX-ACT Value Chains tool and guidelines. She also deals with reviewing EX-ACT publications.

EX-ACT Analyst
Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO

Sustainable Food Value Chain and Carbon Footprint Analyst, with a background in agriculture engineering and food security management, Anass is conducting a serie of studies (comparative analysis of six Carbon calculators of a GEF SLM project, the French Agency for Development AFD portfolio appraisal, research paper on the carbon footprint, water footprint and energy footprint of micro-gardens...). Anass suports EX-ACT desk appraisals on demand from partners (IFAD, TCI, WB, GEF, GCF), carries out EX-ACT trainings in NENA, Asia  and West Africa region and conducts Climate Change Adaptation, mitigation and climate resilience appraisal on food value chains and Food value chain support projects / policies/  strategies. 



Erica DORO
EX-ACT Intern
Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO

With a background in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, Erica contributes to the screening of economic and cost figures, within the context of EX-ACT value chain appraisal strategies. Her tasks include building a database integrating carbon mitigation and climate adaptation, as well as economic performance and implementation costs, for climate-smart agriculture practices in developing countries. She also collaborates to the preparation of EX-ACT trainings and to the drafting of policy briefs. 




EX-ACT Expert Network

Senior Soil Scientist at IRD
Joint Research Unit Eco&Sol
FAO Officer, NRC

As a soil scientist and expert, he was hired by FAO as a consultant to develop the tool in 2009-2010. His main fields of expertise are the evaluation of the soils' role in forest and agricultural ecosystems, in the global climate change context and in carbon sequestration. He holds training on EX-ACT in Latin America and participates in the reviewing of papers and articles.

Climate Smart Agriculture consultant
Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO

With a background in agricultural economics and climate change mitigation assessments, Uwe contributes to the technical review and development of EX-ACT. He conducts EX-ACT assessments in a high number of diverse contexts, carries out EX-ACT trainings and links aspects of GHG assessments to socio-economic analyses such as Marginal Abatement Cost Curves and yield potential assessments.

Laura VIAN
EX-ACT consultant
Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO

With a background in International Relations and Natural Resources Management, Laura contributes to the dissemination of EX-ACT in different parts of the world, in particular in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She gives support to the delivery of EX-ACT trainings in these regions and to GHG assessments of projects. She contributed to the development of the study on the EX-ACT MRV methodology for green agriculture and forestry investments.  

Giacomo BRANCA
Agricultural and Resource Economist
Agricultural Development Economics Division, FAO

In the team since the creation of the tool, Giacomo realized several case studies, available on the website.

EX-ACT consultant
Rocio carries out the dissemination of the tool in Spanish speaking countries. She is an EX-ACT trainer and is responsible for the translation and preparation of training material in Spanish.

EX-ACT consultant
Policy Assistance Support Service, FAO

As EX-ACT consultant Ophélie participated in paper publications, case study appraisals as well as workshops and was in charge of the communication through website management and newsletter diffusion. Today she is working for the private sector focusing on biogas, compost management and use of urban waste.

Marianne TINLOT
EX-ACT consultant
Policy Assistance Support Service, FAO

As EX-ACT consultant Marianne contributed to the further development of EX-ACT, carried out joint training measures for EX-ACT users in various countries and co-authored the FAO e-learning course “Climate change and Food security”. Today Marianne works for the French Development Cooperation as well as the FAO representation in Chad and functions as focal point for EX-ACT in Africa.

Pierre-Luc SUTTER
EX-ACT consultant
Policy Assistance Support Service, FAO

Pierre worked as EX-ACT field consultant and applied EX-ACT as part of several World Bank and FAO Investment Center programmes (i.e. Plan Maroc Vert, Great Green Wall project). Since October 2011 he has been working on irrigation systems for FAO’s emergency unit as well as French NGOs in Chad and stays available for EX-ACT applications in Central and West Africa.


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