Policy briefs

March 2010

Mainstreaming carbon balance appraisal of agriculture project and policies

A tool for measuring the carbon balance in ex-ante project - Program impact appraisal

September 2010

How far should we look for synergy building between agriculture development and climate mitigation?

October 2010

Climate change financing

What are the challenges and the opportunities for financing climate change in Africa?

May 2011

From Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) to Low Carbon Development in Agriculture

NAMAs as a pathway at country level

July 2011

Carbon sequestration as an integral part of watershed management strategies to adress climate change issues

October 2011

Carbon footprinting across the food value chain: winners, losers?

A review of the main benefits for businessess, public bodies and issues for developing countries

February 2012

Is FAO's Ex-ante Carbon balance Tool (EX-ACT) beneficial to the private sector?