Other Climate Change tools

ADAPT: Tool to screen development projects for climate risks

Assessment and Design for Adaptation to climate change.

This tool aims at identifying risks that may occur depending on project activities and climate projections. It is available on the Climate Change Knowledge Portal of the World Bank.

CRISTAL: A tool to link communities to adaptation

Community-based Risk Screening Tool - Adaptation & Livelihoods

This tool helps to understand how projects influence climate-related vulnerability and adaptive capacity.

Food security tool package

The EC- FAO Food Security Programme aims at improving the quality and quantity of food security information available. Different tools are available on the following Website i) forecasting crop yields, ii sharing and storing a wide variety of food security data, iii) classifying food security emergencies, iv) analyzing food consumption data, v) analyzing dietary diversity, vi) understanding how resilient households are to food security shocks. It includes a section in which some tools (in preparation) are proposed to assess the impacts on Climate Change on Agriculture.

Toolkit for Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Projects

CARE proposes a relevant toolkit appropriate for use in community-level development projects. Tools provide practical guidance to users on different tasks within the overall process of integrating adaptation into projects.