Sustainable agriculture platform: pilot website

Towards a sustainable agriculture platform in partnership with farmers' cooperatives and organizations

A possible solution to support farmers facing the threats of climate change and increase productivity in a sustainable manner is to implement climate smart agriculture (CSA) and green agriculture support platforms. Such platforms can guide and help farmers in implementing CSA practices through the support and cooperation between farmers’ networks, institutions and inter-governmental organizations.

Organizations, cooperatives and value chain federations constitute key institutions as small farmers’ aggregators, often representing over 10,000 farmers. The role of such aggregator may evolve from an information provider, policy lobbying to the role of service provider delivering a range of services and support to a wide number of small farmers. Within this context, a sustainable agriculture support platform appears to be a relevant initiative.

The suggested role of a field support platform is to transfer sustainable agricultural practices and Sustainable Land Management (SLM) technologies down to farmers via farmers unions or different institutions in order to reach a maximum number of smallholders. The platform should be a supporting tool for successful CSA and SLM implementation.

The following section offers an overview on the first design for a sustainable agriculture platform prototype, gathering some technical manuals and guidelines to help farmers implementing better agronomic practices. With about 180 references, arranged into 11 main categories, this list is however non exhaustive, and will be enriched with inputs from several potential partners.


Sustainable agriculture practices

Global approach

Watershed management
Food value chains

Associated documents

  • Policy brief (forthcoming): Reflections about possible actors for an up scaling of green agriculture through field support platforms